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    1. Hotel Sheraton, Lisboa
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    3. Altis Grand Hotel, Castilho 11, Lisboa
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    Miami - Family Governance Latam Program
    23 a 25 de Agosto, Miami




    Succession and wealth transfer issues, mismanagement, and conflict: they can all become commonplace as family-owned companies grow through multiple generations. How can these risks be mitigated? Family governance — policies and procedures that guide business practices and help families govern themselves — is the best way to ensure that the family-owned business, family resources, and family harmony are sustained over time.

    Family Governance LATAM, developed by Wharton in collaboration with the Family Business and Office School (a pioneer in providing educational forums to high-net-worth families and wealth advisors in Latin America), will help participants learn how appropriate governance and communication strategies can be used to mitigate many critical issues.

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